Guiding Data-Driven Student Success

Just as a traveler of the past may have used rock formations or rivers to help guide them on their journey, today we use data to shape the path to student success. The Compass initiative at UC Irvine combines the millions of data points we collect in thousands of streams across campus and leverages that data to chart the way toward both equity and excellence in every student journey.

Our Mission. Our Values.

By bringing together data assets, organizational capabilities and interdisciplinary collaboration, Compass seeks to personalize and improve the student journey and their ultimate success and serve as a model for advancing educational equity and redefining the American Dream.

Commitment to educational equity

Using data to inform the student journey

Using listening as a means toward cultural transformation

Employing a holistic approach to the student experience

Promoting upward social mobility

Creating students who are prepared to be global citizens

Redefining student success beyond retention and graduation rates

Responsible, ethical, and privacy-preserving use of data

Data Governance

The protection and stewardship of student data is critical. Our Student Data Governance Council oversees the collection, generation, analysis, management, and dissemination of institutional student data. It is staffed with institutional leaders and subject matter experts to create a forum for thoughtful and robust dialogue. Together we ensure that data is used for good—verifying that data-driven insights and actionable analytics are consistent with our mission and values and aligned with our dedication to helping our students succeed.